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Paths to Ascension

  • Health and Wealth

    Every month
    coaching on exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and career
    • access to a customized workout plan
    • access to a customized nutrition plan
    • weekly call with a holistic R.N.
    • weekly call with an expert fitness and nutrition coach
    • access to weekly meditations
    • access to weekly distance reiki energy healing
    • access to weekly sound healing
    • access to our custom coaching app
    • access to recipe library
    • 24/7 accountability and support
    • all access to networking acceleration zone
  • Master Your Mind

    Every month
    Dive into meditation, healing, and mindset coaching
    • Weekly sound healing
    • Weekly call with Holistic R.N.
    • Custom guided meditations
    • Weekly distance reiki healing
    • Customized mindfulness plan
    • Access to custom app
    • 24/7 support from coaches
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