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Welcome to Divine Unity Wellness.

Greetings Divine Being!

A holistic healing space designed to empower, heal, and connect you with your Highest Self.


It's My Pleasure
to Meet You...

I am the founder of Divine Unity Wellness. My work in wellness began as part of my own mental health recovery. After suffering from severe depression and anxiety, I found deep relief and healing in yoga, exercise, breathwork, reiki, and meditation.  

These practices continued to support me in becoming free from all mood and mind-altering substances in 2015. The joy + freedom has only accelerated with each passing year.

Today, I feel honored to dedicate my life to the healing arts. I have been so blessed that Divine Unity

has since expanded to support a number of gifted in healers (through mentorship + 

business coaching) in their journeys to

aiding in the elevation

and growth of



I'm Holly


1-1 Offerings 


Reiki Healing

Reiki is the gentle transmission of spiritual healing energy through the palms. It is a wonderful therapeutic method that aids in finds and resolving root causes of physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses and energetic blockages.


In my sessions, I begin connecting with your healing a few hours before meeting, when you arrive, we will go over my predictions for the focus of your session and talk about any areas you wish to focus on. Each session includes 30-40 minutes of energy work, 10-20 minutes of sound healing, 10-20 minutes of spiritual counseling and a chakra energy report that you get to take home.  

Sessions are $77 

65 minute session

holly 204.jpeg

AcuDetox with Meditation

AcuDetox involves the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on each ear. It can be performed 1-1 or in a group setting.


AcuDetox is a powerful tool to use in conjunction with behavioral health treatment and addiction recovery. It helps to stabilize the nervous system, reduce cravings, improve sleep, reduce anger/irritation, relieve stress and emotional trauma, and helps to open an individual to deeper connections in counseling. AcuDetox can also be added to a reiki session for an additional $15. 


AcuDetox and Meditation Sessions are $77

50 minute session 

Business Doula Services

Have you been feeling the pressure of a business growing inside of you for some time now?

Do you feel called to seek out a safe and supported space to bring your beautiful offerings into the world?

Allow me to aid you in the beautiful transition of birthing your soul purpose business. I have worked with many healers, spirit centered entrepreneurs, and teachers over the years. I would love to give you the push you need to bring your beauty to this earth. 

I offer free monthly networking events for healing entrepreneurs, sign up for our mailing list for updates. 

I also offer 1-1 consulting for start ups. An investment in your business you will surely thrive from.


Sessions are $111 for 90 minutes.

Temple Candles

Group Offerings and Clinics

Interested in bringing a class, workshop or clinic to your business or organization? Check out the offerings below 

Women's Empowerment

My mission is to provide a safe and effective transformation vessel for women that allows them to step into fresh energy. One of self-respect, overflowing love for themselves and their sisters, and courageous storytelling. This course can take place as an immersive full-day or 4-week course.

Healing Arts 

Bring an immersive and transformational experience to your team, friends or loved ones. Choose from any of my services and I will travel to you (within the Metro Detroit area) to create an atmosphere of safety, healing, and quantum growth. 

For corporate events, I offer 2, 4, and 6-hour immersive experiences.

For home parties and retreats - booking is by the hour. Click on the more information button for package options. 


AcuDetox involves the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on each ear. AcuDetox is a powerful tool to use in conjunction with behavioral health treatment, at natural disaster sites, and in addiction recovery settings. It helps to stabilize the nervous system, reduce cravings, improve sleep, reduce anger/irritation, relieve stress and emotional trauma, and helps open an individual to deeper connections in counseling. The combined application of acupuncture with counseling, education, medical support, and self-help groups enhances opportunities for success. - NADA 

Trauma Informed Yoga Class 
1-1 Theraputic Yoga Clinic

Trauma-informed yoga focuses on creating a comfortable atmosphere of safety and choice. The experience of trauma and addiction often creates a separation between the body and mind. Trauma-informed yoga is a gentle invitation to return to the sensations and safety within the body.

1-1 Therapeutic yoga provides a means for addressing and meeting the individual needs of each client/patient on a detailed and thoughtful level. This integrative practice is wonderful for pain management, mental well-being, and fostering deeper stability and support within the body and mind. I integrate the tools that are of maximum service to each individual. 

Giving a Speech


No events at the moment


The first time I read the affirmation

I felt a weight lift off my chest,

mostly off of my heart.

-Jillian Young

Thank you so much for everything you do. I love being around you. Your aura and the person you are naturally make people feel good about themselves. Thank you for being you Holly.

-Chelsea Geddes

...The experience began with beautiful and wondrous closed-eye visuals. It was as if I was laying down on the forest floor. The trees had no leaves and I could see the outline of the trees around me yet right above me I had a clear view of the sky. It was very similar to a tapestry that I own. As space beyond the trees appeared in a deep rich blue and purplish color, shortly after the trees and the space before me were briefly manipulated into beautiful geometric fractals...

read full review

-Smiley of MyGreating Headspace

Let me tell you a little bit about my dear friend Holly,  since the day we reconnected after high school she has been absolutely nothing but loving and supportive to me as a human being but especially to my healing journey. I can’t express my gratitude enough for how much you have helped mold me into the woman I can proudly say I am today. You’re so patient, and kind, and smart, and resourceful, and caring, and compassionate.. nothing excites me more than to look forward to seeing baby Silas strapped to your chest or back while teaching yoga and gifting your beautiful energy and presence to the rest of the world. You’re going to be such an amazing momma Holly & I hope you know I sincerely look up to the passionate human being you are not too long before we get to meet baby Silas!  you deserve the beautiful life you get to love every day I love you.

-Haley B.

When the energy flowed into me I felt so warm and light, it was like all the worry I've been holding just melted away. Thank you so much!


Email for scholarship availability.

Eligibility for persons in early recovery and BIPOC.

Roseville, MI 

Est. 2020

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