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Wellness Coach

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You have arrived here with purpose. You are being called to rise to the level you know you are capable of existing on. You can trust that growing voice that says "it is time to finally invest in my health, wealth and elevation"

In this 60-minute alignment call you will be blessed to receive.. 

A Deep Dig on Movement Goals

We are experts in motivational interviewing. Find crystal clarity on what is ideal for movement in your life right now. We will come away from the session with clear, measurable attainable goals that will support you now and for life. 

Clarity on your Mental Blocks + 

Mindset Growth Opportunities

If you have been feeling stuck, unhappy, or frustrated in your progress this is the perfect opportunity to uncover the blockages in your way and your opportunities for optimum growth and elevation. 

A Focused View of Nutrition Strengths and Opportuinites ​

A Custom Tailor Fit for Your Mental Wellness Needs

Liberate yourself from the endless cycle of dieting, burning out, and starting again. We will look in detail at your current nutrition habits so that our team can formulate a plan that will have you feeling energized, balanced and flourishing. 

Recovery is one of the most overlooked aspects of total wellness and vibrant living. We will identify the best recovery tools for you. Our team offers reiki, sound healing, guided meditation, corrective exercise, yoga therapy, and more! 

What Our Clients Say


"I have struggled for many years trying to find a healthy lifestyle for myself. I had put in incredible effort researching different "wellness programs" and came out of each one as a failure. I was extremely anxious, depressed, and angry that I could not obtain even an ounce of hope through these programs. Simply put, Chelsea has helped me unlock my inner peace. I am no longer walking around aimlessly, and "just getting by" in life; I now have goals, self-care routines, and a new, beautiful perspective on life. Chelsea prioritized my mental health above all; made it clear that we needed to work on the mind first and all that I was hoping and praying for would soon follow. I can honestly say that I have never been more happy, empowered, and optimistic in my entire life. So yes, I have lost weight and my skin has cleared up, but nothing compares to the absolute euphoria of being able to finally say, in all honesty, that I truly love myself."

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